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Can’t Transfer Blu-rays on your New iPod Touch?

September 30 2015, 04:02am

Can’t Transfer Blu-rays on your New iPod Touch? 

Apple iPod Touch 6 is released not long ago,It is not easy to imagine that iPod Touch 6 reach to as high as 1136-by-640 resolution, but it is true Apple surely brings us a revolution for the visual impact. When large display gets aboard on iPod touch 6, outstanding advantages make iPod Touch 6 may replace HDTV to playback Blu-ray when travelling outside or on the subway home. OK, now it’s time to learn how to transfer Blu-ray movie into iPod Touch 6. 


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More and more people want to play Blu-ray on some portable devices such as iPod Touch 6, Galaxy tab 2, iPhone 6 etc., when they are on journey. To our regret, we know the iPod Touch 6 only support .mp4, .mov, .m4v format from the Apple Official website, so playing Blu-ray on iPod Touch 6 directly is impossible. To play Blu-ray on iPod Touch 6, you need to rip Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 supported video format first. 

In this case, we have a powerful Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 converter software which can help you to convert Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 supported format in few clicks. . Then you can stream Blu-ray movies to iPod Touch 6 or viewing fluently. Besides, its has powerful capability to support ripping Blu-ray to all iPod Touch series, including iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5 as well as other mobile devices is remarkable. For Mac users, you can turn to Pavtube BDMagic for Mac for further usage. 

Free download iPod Touch 6 Blu-ray Ripper: 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html 

How to transfer Blu-ray movies from hard disk to iPod Touch 6? 


1. Connect Blu-ray disc driver to computer with USB cable 
2. Free download the best Blu-ray Ripper for iPod Touch 6 on Windows/Mac 
3. Make sure the original Blu-ray disc is scratch-free 

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie 

Click on the “Load Disc” button to load Blu-ray movie from disc driver to this app. Pavtube software application also supports Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image as source files. 

Step 2: Choose output video format. 

Click “iPod Touch 4 H.264 HD 720P(*.mp4)” from “iPod”(better suitable for iPod Touch 6, or select “iPod Touch 4 H.264 Full Screen 960*640(*.mp4)” for full screen watching. 

Tip: You are allowed to reset profile parameters like video resolution, video bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channels, and more to achieve a better movie enjoyment on iPod Touch 6. Considering iPod Touch 6 resolution is 1136×640, so you can adjust video size to 960×640, or other, no larger than 1136×640. Then you also can click “save us” to custom the video name, next only open ripped Blu-ray in “Custom” from “Format”. 

Step 3: Start ripping Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6. 

Click the big green “Start Conversion” button and rip Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 on your Mac. When Blu-ray is ripped for iPod Touch 6, you can open output folder, find saved movie and transfer Blu-ray to iPod Touch 6 for viewing on the move. 

After getting the converted movies files, you can transfer them to iPod Touch 6 via iTunes. If you don’t know how to put and play movie onto iPod Touch 6, just follow the steps to realize it: 

1) Make sure you have install iTunes. If not, you can free download iTunes here at first. And launch the iTunes. 

2) Connect iPod Touch 6 to PC/Mac. 

3) Choose “File –> Add File to Library…” 

4) Drag the .mp4 file you want to the iPod Touch 6 icon 

So easy. Now, you can enjoy and view any Blu-ray movies on iPod Touch 6 anytime everywhere for great digital fun. 



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Enjoy Music DVDs on iPad Mini 4 for your Entertainment

September 29 2015, 10:03am

If you want to play music DVDs on your new iPad Mini 4, read this article and you'll find the right way.

Apple quietly announced an iPad Mini 4 last week, saying it was as powerful as the iPad Air 2 - but the A8 processor in the Mini 4 (compared to the A8X in the Air 2) suggested otherwise. Now we have a better sense of what's up, but Apple's claim remains muddled. In summation, the Mini 4 is certainly more powerful than the Mini 3 and iPhone 6, but the Air 2 comparison seems seriously overstated.

So, Are you trying to play Music DVDs on your new iPad Mini 4? Wanna someone step you through the process to do this if possible? Reading this guide carefully and complete your task.

Are you still seeking for powerful DVD ripper to backup and rip your Music DVD collections to the format of your choice, like DVD to H.264 MP4, so that you can store your DVD in safe from any damage. Here, Pavtube DVDAid comes in handy. With it, you can easily ripping DVD to iPad Mini 4 and also boasts the robust function of converting DVD to popular video formats, be it AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, etc, as well as ripping DVD movies to other portable devices, thoroughly catering to diverse DVD ripping and converting demands.

How to enable Music DVDs playback on iPad Mini 4 with Decent Quality

Step 1: Load Music DVDs.

Launch the best DVD to iPad Mini 4 Converter, click the “DVD disc” icon to navigate the videos. You can also add ISO file, IFO file or DVD folder. Press the selected main title you can preview the whole Music DVD on the preview window on the right, which works like a media player.

Step 2: Choose Output Video Format.

Select the output format for iPad Mini 4 with Retina Display, Click the Format option and you will find the iPad group. Choose the “iPad mini HD video (.mp4)”, meanwhile don't forget select the destination folder to saved the converted video.

1.For some advances users, you can go to adjust video and audio parameters like bitrate, resolution, channels, etc. Click “Settings” button you can go to check and change them as you like.

2.For Apple buffs, you’re able to play Instructional DVDs on your iPad, Watch Blu-ray to play on iPad via Seagate, encode YouTube Videos playback on iPhone 6 (Plus) and so on.

Step 3. Start converting Music DVD to iPad Mini 4.

Click "Convert" button to start the conversion. You can view the conversion progress and are able to cancel the converting process anytime. Then, you can click open button to get the generated mp4 file and transfer it to your iPad Mini 4 for playing back.
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Rip DVD to MPEG-2 for Importing to Premiere Pro CC

September 28 2015, 10:47am

Premiere Pro CC is the favorite software for video editing for many people. They can import many kinds of source material to Premiere Pro CC for editing. But if the source material is exist in DVD disc, no matter the family video you recorded or the commercial one you bought, none of them can be put into Premiere Pro CC for your editing because most video editing tool doesn’t support DVD importing including Premiere Pro CC. Here, let us discuss the details how to import footage on DVD into Premiere Pro CC so that you can succeed in editing it. 

Solution 1: Insert DVD into your computer player and then open it in Explore. Copy the DVD Video-TS folder onto your computer. Open this folder and rename the file from VOB extension to MPG extension. Now, Premiere Pro CC should accept the video. 

Note: This way is based on non-protected DVD video. It does not work in your commercial DVD disc. And from the feedback of our research online, many people respond that renaming the filed don’t work; the files can be import to Premiere Pro CC but are unusable. 

Solution 2: For perfectly importing DVD to Premiere Pro CC to edit, the better way is to extract the video clip out of DVD disc and change the video to a format that can be supported by Premiere Pro CC with DVD to Premiere Pro CC software. 

Pavtube BDMagic for Mac will be a good choice for the goal. It can rip and backup DVD to MPEG-2, WMV, MPG, MOV format on Mac, which can be easily recognized by Premiere Pro CC, with the original video quality. You can choose to rip one title or entire DVD disc to MPEG-2 format video favored by Premiere Pro CC on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10 and Maverick 10.9. It enables you to trim DVD video footage, merge several video clips, crop video black area before outputting. 

For Windows users, the equivalence product is BDMagic for Windows. If you want to learn more functions about BDMagic, you can read the review

Now, you can download and install BDMagic for Mac freely and follow the next steps to rip DVD to Premiere Pro CC. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper-mac/ 
– Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-76177782.html 

How to import DVD to Premiere Pro CC on Mac? 

Step 1. Load DVD movieRun the DVD to Premiere ripper for Mac, and click “File” to import DVD movie to the app. 


Step 2. Choose Premiere compatible format 

Ripping DVD clips to MPG, WMV or MOV – highly compatible with Adobe Premiere will be great. Here you can click the format bar to follow “Adobe Premiere/Sony V…” > “MPEG-2(*.mpg).” for Premiere Pro CC. 


Step 3. Cut clips from DVD movie (Optional) 
To get the clips from DVD video, open the “Video Editor” by clicking “Edit” and cut the wanted DVD movie clips by tapping on “trim.” Other helpful editing functions are cut off black bars by cropping, adding watermarks, adjusting special effects. 


Step 4. Rip DVD to Premiere Pro CC 

When back to the main interface, click “Convert” in bottom right screen to realize DVD to Premiere Pro CC conversion for free importing and ingesting by Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

Finally, you can import the ripped DVD media file to Premiere Pro CC on Mac for your editing. 

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Rip DVD to MPEG-2 for Importing to Premiere Pro CC 

Rip DVD to MPEG-2 for Importing to Premiere Pro CC

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Effortlessly rip Blu-ray movie to Avid Media Composer for further editing

September 25 2015, 08:49am

As an ideal video editing tool, Avid Media Composer widely used by video professionals and hobbyists. However, Avid MC only accepts QuickTime movie files, .DV, .TNF, .AVI, .MP2 + .WAV, and sequential .TGA or .TIF, 2K, 4K, 5K film formats. So it does seem that you can not import Blu-ray to Avid MC to edit directly. Importing Blu-ray to Avid MC becomes a problem to be solved. This article focuses on how to import Blu-ray to Avid Media Composer and edit Blu-ray in Avid MC to create your own videos. 

To achieve your goal smoothly, the easy workaround is to convert Blu-ray to Avid MC natively supported DNxHD codec with this all-in-one Pavtube BDMagic or it mac versionBDMagic for Mac. This software does a good job in decrypting and transcoding Blu-rays to Avid DNxHD codec. With it, you can effortlessly rip Blu-ray movie to Avid Media Composer for further editing on PC and Mac without quality loss. Now download the right version and follow this guide below to complete your task. Here is the mac workflow. 

Step 1. Load your Blu-ray disc. 

First of all, get this Blu-ray to Avid MC Converter for Mac installed and click “Load file(s)” to import your inserted Blu-ray disc. 


Note: Mac cannot read Blu-rays directy, if you want to rip Blu-ray, plug-in your external Blu-ray drive to your computer and read Blu-ray there. 

Step 2. Select Avid Media Composer supported video format. 

For editing Blu-ray movies in Avid MC, the DNxHD .mov is preferred. Click “Format” and choose “Avid Media Composer>Avid DNxHD 1080p(*.mov)”. 


PS: It has various profiles and formats so that you can rip blu-ray to various formats according to your needs. 

Step 3. Set up frame rate, bitrate and other output settings. 

Click Settings, you can find file details including codec, size, bitrate and frame rate. You are able to fix them according to your needs. FYI: the higher bitrate you choose, the better video quality it outputs. 

Step 4. Now just press the big circular “Convert” button to convert Blu-ray to DNxHD MOV for Avid Media Composer and let it do its magic. Wait for moments and you will get the fresh hot .mov videos for Avid MC. 

With this magic tool, you can also get DVD editable in Premiere Pro or convert blu-ray to iMovie/FCE for ingesting. 


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Effortlessly rip Blu-ray movie to Avid Media Composer for further editing

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Top 5 Best Blu-ray Ripper for Mac Programs Review

September 24 2015, 08:40am

Many people choose to backup DVD to computer for streaming on TV for having no DVD player. Or ripping DVD to other formats to adapt to their portable devices for convenient play because they can’t take a DVD player with them everywhere. No matter which goal you want to get, search for a top DVD Ripper is needed. An excellent DVD Ripper should be equipped with the capability of watching the latest DVD on TV or play DVD movies in different region codesof different countries. And it should enables you to choose desired subtitle from DVD original several languages subtitles. Of course, it will be better to have GPU acceleration for saving DVD ripping time.

Pavtube DVDAid, ByteCopy, BDMagic and Video Converter Ultimate can meet above all requirement. They not only can backup DVD to TV suitable formats for streaming easily, but also can select subtitle, trim videos and reset video parameters for better DVD viewing on TV. Besides, with NVIDIA CUDA technology, they can offer you 6X time DVD ripping speed by H.264 codec. Meanwhile, with these DVD Rippers, you can backup DVD to a manageable size and convert the source DVD video to any format to adapt to your various devices, like PS4, InnoTab 3, Galaxy S6/S6 Edgeand so on. (Learn the differences of these DVD Rippers, click here.)

Visite Pavtube summer sale site, you can get up to 50% discount.

Now, take DVDAid as an instance, there is a step-by-step tutorial.

Free download and install:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/dvd_ripper/
– Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-DVDAid/3000-7970_4-76158510.html

How to backup DVD to computer for watching on TV with DVDAid?

Step 1: Load DVD movie.

Launch the DVD Ripper. Click “Load Disc” button, browse to disc drive and import this movie.

Step 2: Choose format

There is a TVs profile in format list. You can choose any one according to your TV brand. Here, we take Sony as an instance to select “Sony TV(*mp4)” as the output format.

Step 3: Set parameters(Optional)

Generally, the optimized format is the most suitable format for your TV. But if you have some other demand, you can freely adjust video/audio parameters in Profile Settings.

Step 4: Start ripping DVD to TV

Click “Convert” button on the program UI and start backing up DVD to TV. When it is done, open output folder, find ripped DVD video.

After backing up DVD, you can freely watch DVD videos on TV without DVD player. Just try and enjoy. 

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How to Backup Blu-ray to NAS for viewing via HD TV?

September 23 2015, 08:51am

Filmniks are always keen on high resolution and big screen. They dream that get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch hundreds of Blu-ray movies on HD TV with huge screen without pause and jerk. Or sitting in their comfortable sofa in the quiet evening with their families and enjoy high resolution videos in front of the screen, which make people feel happy. Blu-ray meet the demand of high definition but cause the excessive storage space and incompatible with HD TV. With this sense of mission, Network Attached Storage comes in, which can storage a good deal of Blu-ray movies extract from your mountains of Blu-ray discs. With Blu-ray in NAS, you can freely streaming your Blu-ray movies via HD TV wherever you are in bedroom or living room. So how to copy dozens of Blu-ray movies to NAS for HD TV smooth streaming, you may have to backup Blu-ray to NAS compatible MP4 format first.

To achieve this dream, backing up and converting Blu-ray to NAS MP4 videos is needed, so that you can store them on NAS for sharing with your family or playback on HD TV with ease. Video Converter Ultimate from Pavtube is the recommended Blu-ray to NAS converter to reach the above goal. This Video Converter Ultimate is devoted to copy, backup and convert Blu-ray to NAS as common MP4/MKV/MOV… Videos for streaming on HD TV. It can compress 1080p Blu-ray to suitable size for NAS for playback via Android, iOS, Windows based tablets, smart phones and portable devices..(Read Video Converter Ultimate Review.)

Free download and install:



Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/
– Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-75938564.html

How to backup Blu-ray to NAS MP4 video?

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie

Install and launch Blu-ray to NAS converter, and then click “File” to load Blu-ray movie to this software. It will choose Blu-ray main movie content to convert automatically. From “Subtitle” and “Audio”, you can set your wanted subtitles and audio track.

Step 2: Set the output format

You can choose the output format according to your TV brand in TVs profile. Here, we choose “Sony TV(*mp4)” as the output format for Sony HD TV..

Tip: if you want to adjust the Blu-ray movie size, you can open “Profile Settings” window through “Settings” close to format list. Here, you can reset the video size and bitrate.

Step 3: Start Blu-ray to NAS conversion

Press right-bottom “Convert” button to get the process on. When the process is completed, locate the created movie by opening the output folder.

With this Blu-ray to NAS MP4 video, you can enjoy Blu-ray on WD TV from NAS smoothly. And of course, as the common format supported by general player devices, you can stream this Blu-ray movie via NAS on your smart phone and tablet, too.

Additional: If you want to transfer your iTunes library to NAS and DRM protection of it are upsetting you strongly. I suggest you Video Converter Ultimate + ChewTune software bundle. ChewTune is a professional DRM Removal which can make iTunes videos DRM-free in order to put iTunes to NAS (Tutorial) to cater to other media players and portable devices. The bundle can save you $19.1.(DRM Removal Review)

Software Bundle for Window | Software Bundle for Mac

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How to sync H.265 to Apple TV 3?

September 22 2015, 09:22am

Comparing to H.264, HEVC/H.265, the new video coding standard brings promise of huge bandwidth savings of approx. 40-45% over H.264 encoded content with similar quality. Therefore, for drawing attention, Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus boast substantial under-the-hood advancements, including support for the highly efficient H.265 video codec. But for Apple TV 3, does it support H.265, too? Unfortunately, it does not. Because H.265 can support 8K UHD and resolution up to 8192 * 4320, while Apple TV 3 screen resolution is just 1080p. So how to sync and view H.265 video with Apple TV 3?

For high video quality of H.265 playback on Apple TV 3, you have to transcode H.265 video to Apple TV supported video formats. A H.265 to Apple TV converter – Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac can give you a hand. This H.265 video converter software is capable of converting H.265 video in 4K/5K/8K to HD M4V 1080p for Apple TV 3 with high quality. With this professional H.265 to Apple TV 3 converter, you can easily batch convert other video files, like AVI, MKV, MPEG, Xvid, DivX, WMV, FLV, M2TS to M4V video format keeping 1080p quality for free review on iPad, iPhone.

Free download and install

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/imedia-converter-mac/
– Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-iMedia-Converter/3000-2194_4

How to sync H.265 to Apple TV 3 for watch?

Step 1: Load H.265 files to the app

Launch H.265 to Apple TV 3 Converter on your Mac, click the “Load files” button or “Add video” button to add source H.265/HEVC files.

Step 2: Choose Apple TV 3 playable output format

For better video quality and smoothly playback, you can select M4V as output format from “Apple TV> Apple TV 3 1080P Dolby Digital Pass-through(*.m4v)”.

Step 3: Set output parameter

Open “Profile Settings” window, from size(pix) drop-down list, select “1920×1080″ as the resolution for output file.

Step 4: Start the conversion

When all settings are done, you can start H.265/HEVC to Apple TV 3 on Mac conversion by clicking the right-bottom convert button.

Now, you can sync and view your H.265 videos via Apple TV 3 smoothly. You can also enjoyH.265 on VLC and iMoviewith this H.265 video converter.

More Search about Apple TV 3: Internet Torrents movies to Apple TV 3 | NO 5.1 Audio connecting Apple TV 3 | HD Tivo to Apple TV 3

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How to Watch YIFY MKV on Android Phones and Tablets?

September 21 2015, 09:13am

Many people like to download movies from YIFY Torrent. But to Android users, this kind of movie maybe take a little of trouble while playing them on Android Phones and Tablets because as far as we know, Android Phones or Tablets still cannot play MKV files natively. For watching MKV movies on Android Phones and Tablets, they have to use a third-party media player that supports MKV video. But although there are many MKV players for Android on the market, they either fail to play HD 720p or 1080p MKV on Android or play MKV in poor output video quality, especially YIFY MKV videos. So How to watch YIFY MKV video on Android Phones and Tablets?

To successfully play YIFY MKV in 720p or 1080p on all kinds of Android based smart phones and tablet computers, there is a simple way: convert YIFY MKV to Android compatible video format. To achieve the goal, YIFY MKV Video Converter Ultimate can offer you a hand. This YIFY MKV converter helps you to:

  • Watch YIFY MKV in 720p/1080p on Android Phones including HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and etc.
  • Watch YIFY MKV in 720p/1080p on Android Tablets like Windows Surface 3/Pro 3,  Windows Hub, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and so on.
  • Watch YIFY MKV in 720p/1080p on other devices like Apple TV, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Xbox and more.
  • Watch other video formats including H.265, WMV, DVD, MOV, AVI, DivX, FLV, iTunes movies, etc, on Android Phones or Tablets.

Know more about Video Converter Ultimate

Free download and install

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/
– Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-75938564.html

How to convert YIFY MKV to Android Phones and Tablets for watch?

Step 1: Add YIFY MKV to the programme

Click the “File” button to import your YIFY MKV files to this powerful YIFY MKV Converter. Or simply drag and drop the YIFY MKV files to the main interface of this software


Step 2: Define output file format

Select Android device supported format from “Format” drop-down box. If you don’t know which one to choose from the long list, you can just select “Android Phones 1080P Video(*.mp4)” or “Android Tablets 1080P Video(*.mp4)” for high video quality, and then adjust profile presets like display resolution, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channels, and more to get a satisfying playback on your device.

Step 3: Start conversion

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How to Watch iTunes Movies With PS Vita on the go?

September 21 2015, 09:07am

With 5-inch OLED touch screen, Sony PlayStation Vita is much more than a game console. Many  people like using PlayStation Vita for movies when traveling because of it’s battery life and big screen. But if you purchased a lot of movies from iTunes, how do you watch them with PS Vita on your go? As we all known, iTunes video files are locked by Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection and can’t play on non-Apple products. Of course, Sony PlayStation Vita is not the exception. So for watching iTunes movies with PS Vita on the go, you have to remove iTunes DRM protection in advance and then transform DRM-free iTunes movies to PS Vita supported format.

At this time, the following formats are supported on the PS Vita system:

Music: MP3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), and WAVE (Linear PCM)
Videos: MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 3, Maximum 320×240 pixels, AAC H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 3.1, Maximum 720p, AAC

As the above shows, PS Vita supports H.264/MPEG-4 video format instead of iTunes suitable formats like MOV, M4V. Therefore, if you want to move iTunes movies onto a PS Vita, the most important task is to remove DRM to make it playable on computer, then transcode it into PS Vita suitable video format. Fortunately, with the help of Pavtube ChewTune, this task becomes easy. This best DRM Removal application not only enables you to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies but also convert iTunes video to PS Vita playable MP4 formats keeping high video quality within a few clicks. If you don’t have enough time to wait the conversion process finished, it supports batch conversion and auto-shutdown after conversion

Free download and install:

Other download:
Pavtube Old Site Download: http://pavtube-chewtune.software.informer.com/

How to transit iTunes movies to watch on PS Vita?

Step 1: Add iTunes movies to DRM Removal

Drag and drop your videos to it directly, or you can click “File” icon to import iTunes movies to DRM Removal as below.

Step 2: Choose PS Vita playable format

Click the drop-down-list besides “Format” and choose “Common Video> H.264 Video(*.mp4)” as the most compatible format on PS Vita.

Step 3: Star transcode iTunes movies

Now click the big red icon to start converting DRM videos to H.264 MP4 format. This DRM to PS Vita software will automatically start to convert. After conversion, click “Open output folder” to quick locate the converted video, and then put the ready videos to PS vita via memory card.

Step 4: Transfer the DRM-free iTunes movies to PS Vita
1. Insert the memory card into the PS Vita.
2. Link a Sony Entertainment Network account with your PS Vita.
3. Connect the computer to the Internet.
4. Install and download Content Manager Assistant on your PC.
5. Run Content Manager Assistant on your Windows PC.
6. Connect PS Vita to PC with the supplied USB cable or you can use Wi-Fi.
7. Select PC to PS Vita System icon.
8. Find the folder where you keep the converted Blu-ray and copy it to PS Vita system.

Now, you can watch iTunes movies with PS Vita on you travel freely. Whit this amazing DRM Removal, you even can transfer iTunes movies to Roku,  Xiaomi, and other  Android devices or import iTunes movies to Galaxy Note 4 for your new Gear VR.

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Play DVD ISO/IFO image onto iPhone 6S

September 17 2015, 08:32am

Do you like to copy DVD collections to the hard disk for playback in ISO or IFO image format and want to load them for watching on iPhone 6S via Windows/Mac? 

Hot Search: HD Videos to iPhone 6S | Blu-ray to iPhone 6S | iPhone 7 News & Tips | FLAC to iPhone 6 | 

When searching the current market, Apple iPhone series stand out of varied smartphones for video playback. People are concerning about the tendency of new iPhone, and may be interested in iPhone 6S. The new iPhone doesn’t disappoint us, which equipped with its super-sized 5.5-inch display, marked the company's first foray into "phablet" territory. So, there’s nothing better than watching DVD blockbusters on large-screen mobile phone! Thus, if you want to play DVD ISO/IFO files on iPhone 6S, here is the solutions help you out! 

Due to lack of Media Player, the iPhone 6S support very limited formats and DVD ISO/IFO files are the tab does not play. If you’d like to put DVD ISO/IFO onto iPhone 6S for the following travel, it is advised to convert DVD ISO/IFO to iPhone 6S readable format with the right video coder or video parameter beforehand. If you want to lean more about the solution, please go on reading this article. 

To achieve the goal, a very powerful software- Pavtube DVDAid is recommended to all of you.Read the review. It can convert the protected DVD movies to various formats supported by the portable device, like MP4 for iPhone 6S. The Video & Audio effect is very perfect and the operation is much simple. If you are a Mac user, then Pavtube DVDAid for Mac is your first choose. Now, download this professional App and follow below guide to learn How to Convert DVD ISO/IFO files to MP4 for iPhone 6S. 

How to Convert DVD ISO/IFO files to MP4 for iPhone 6S via Windows/Mac


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/dvd_ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-DVDAid/3000-7970_4-76158510.html 

Step 1: Load DVD ISO/IFO files 

Click "File-Load ISO/IFO" to import ISO/IFO files into the App. This App also supports DVD discs/DVD folders directly. 

Step 2. Choose iPhone 6 video format 

This app contains an optimized presetting for iPhone 6S. You just need to go to Format -> iPhone -> iPhone 6 Plus H.264 Full Screen/Full HD 1080P(*.mp4) which is also suitable for iPhone 6 plus, or select “iPhone 6 H.264 Full HD 1080P(*.mp4)” which is OK for your iPhone 6S. 


If you want to rip DVD ISO/IFO files to iPhone 6s keeping multiple audio tracks, you can try to use Pavtube ByteCopyand choose “Multi-track MP4 (*.mp4)” from “Multi-track Video”. 

You can click Settings bottom to adjust the output parameters including video codec, size, bitrate, framerate and sample rate(Hz). 

Step 4. Edit Videos (Optional) 

Before the conversion, you can click “Edit” button to edit your videos by cropping, trimming, adding watermarks, etc. 

Step 5. Start converting DVD ISO/IFO image files to iPhone 6S 

Click the red “Convert” to start converting DVD ISO/IFO import to MP4 for iPhone 6. After conversion, you can click “Open output folder” to quick location converted videos and sync them to iPhone 6s via iTunes

Now you are ready to play DVD ISO/IFO files on iPhone 6S and enjoy them on the go. In addition, you can easily get all kinds of videos MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, Tivo, MP4, FLV to iPhone 6 for watching. 

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