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Convert Video_TS Folder to MP4 with subtitles on Mac

December 13 2016, 08:00am

Summary:This article will introduce what is VIDEO_TS folder and tells you how to convert a VIDEO_TS folder to MP4 for playing with subtitles on Mac OS X. 
 What's Video_TS folder? 

Video_TS folder contains three kinds of formats, IFO, BUP and VOB. IFO is information file, which is the main factor to operate video playback. With IFO files you can forward or backward the video at will. If IFO files are damaged or can’t be read, don’t worry. BUP is the backup of IFO and they have the totally same function. But if you happen to lose them all, you will have big trouble in controlling video play, so be careful. VOB means video objects, which is the container of video files. No need to say how important it is. 


How to play Vidoe_TS folder? 

Video_TS files are one of the main folders in a DVD's contents. Yeah, you can view the Video_TS files on your computer and DVD players. However, if you want to put your movies on portable MP4 players like iPhone, iPad, PSP, Xbox 360, Android tablets, etc., you will need to convert Video_TS to MP4 first. This article will shows you an easy way to convert Video_TS files to MP4 with subtitles for more convenient playing and sharing. 

Convert Video_TS to MP4 with subtitles 

To convert Video_TS to MP4 with subtitles, what you need is a third-party program that can accomplish the task. Here ByteCopy for Mac is highly recommended as the best DVD Video_TS to MP4 converter. With it, you can easily and quickly convert Video_TS files to MP4 videos while keeping the subtitles. And it can convert Video_TS folder to multiple video formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, MOV, WEBM, etc. and it also can turn 2D movies to 3D. If you are using a Windows PC, please turn to Pavtube ByteCopy

Convert DVD VIDEO_TS folder to playable MP4 file with subtitle? 

Step 1. Run the best VIDEO_TS Converter, click "Load from folder" and load DVD VIDEO_TS folder. Tip: All titles of the original Blu-ray movies could be seen on program left panel. And in every title, you can see various chapters. Just check the titles or chapters you want to rip. 

To convert DVD VIDEO_TS with subtitles contained, just simply click “Subtitles” and select the one you prefer. (And you can also choose the audio track as you like.) 

Tip: You can also choose to rip Video_TS with forced subtitles if you don’t want to have extra subtitles on screen for your native language. 


Step 2. Clicking the "Format" menu, here you are suggested to choose "Common Video > H.264 Video(*.mp4)". 


Step 3. If you like, modify profile settings such as video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc to get optimized video and audio playback. 


Step 4. Return back to VIDEO_TS video converter main interface, and hit the "Convert" button to start encoding VIDEO_TS to MP4 format. Once it finishes, open output folder, locate the created MP4 file and you can transfer DVD VIDEO_TS folder to your Android, Windows and iOS devices for watching. 

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Source: http://formatplayable.jimdo.com/2014/10/18/convert-video-ts-folder-to-mp4/

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Play 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note

December 8 2016, 06:57am

Sammary: In this guide, we will show you how to Play 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note, playing the movie on to your computer if you prefer to keep the digital instead. 

Sometimes you may want to Ant VR by Lenovo K4 to view some of the latest released 3D movies and animation, but you may find that nothing happened. Why? these files play correctly on your tablets, iPhone, etc. Then ,check the Ant VR, file shows in it. Also check the Lenovo K4, you find the Lenovo K4 supported Ant VR playing. It is strange? 

Part: 1 How to play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note? 

If the the 3D movies formats supported by Ant VR. there are two ways to watch your 3D movies content in the Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note. 

First you should enter Micro SD card file directory and then manage to Oculus > Movies > Your Movies, Inside "Your Movies" file you should create a new one named "3D".In this folder you should place your side-by-side 3D videos. 

Next directly to copy your 3D movies files to "Your Movies" in directories, then you launch Ant VR, 3D movies should automatically appear in the “My Videos” section. Prepared put Lenovo K4 Note on Ant VR. 

Eventually you can enjoy the wonders of virtual space travel. 

Part:2 The reason to can't play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 Note 

The fact that different 3D movies files come with different video and audio codecs, Such as:MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV,AVI, etc. and different formats: Side-By-Side, Anaglyph, Top-Bottom. Since the Ant VR does’t understand the encoding in the content on 3D movies. So you should choose the supported files by Ant VR. In the picture above, you can conclude 3D movies format(with MP4 video and AAC audio codec)that a good choice. Now, you just need a video converter to convert files into 3D movies Side-By-Side format with MP4 video and AAC audio codec. 

Part:3 How to play 3D movies to on ANT VR Unsupported formats for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note ? 

To fluency play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4 without format restrictions. Fortunately, you can choose a good video converter Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate from among the market that are available. Now, you can free download it as a try 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: http://www..-converter-ultimate/ 
- Cnet Download: http://..-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-75938564.html 
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- Top4download: http://wwwpavtube-video-converter-ultimate..html 
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- OKD Download: http://owlkingdownload.com..Audio-.=Video&det=475 
- Windows7download:http://www....-ultimate/talndtbf.html 
- Softonic Download:https://pavtube-video-converter-ultimate.en.softonic.com/ 
- 2software.net Download:http://2software.net/.reviews-4051 
- Gigapurbalingga Download: http://..pavtube-video-converter-ultimate-full/ 
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- Eurodownload: http://www...avtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate.html 

Imagine getting Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate a top original video converter program that's fast and easy to use, works with multiple formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, AVC, HD - MTS, FLV, etc.), doesn't cost much and delivers super crisp professionally convert 3D Movies without loosing quality after conversion. it can change 3D Movies format into another MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV,AVI, etc. While preserving its integrity and preserve virtually all of the quality of the original source. Arguably the biggest strength of this video converter program is the ability to handle virtually any file type which makes it perfect for editors to pull video from many different sources, also the ability to convert and extract audio files with ease. 

Perhaps the most notable strength of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is the ability to convert any movie you have to the 3D movies and create a realistic 3D world appearance thanks to being able to control the depth that you want in the video.What's more, it's also a huge time saver, 6x faster speed while keeping outstanding quality. 

Part:4 Convert 3D movies on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 Note supported 

Part 1:Load Files 

Drag files to the software interface to import the file, batch conversion is supported so you can add multiple files to convert at a time. 


Part 2: Set Output Format For Supported By Ant VR 

Clicking the Format bar, Click Format bar to select 3D movies Side-By-Side format with MP4 video and AAC audio codec from 3D Video profile, which can be viewed on ANT VR for viewing through Lenovo K4 perfectly. 


Tips: the 3D movies Side-By-Side type of Half-widthand Full, select the one you like. 

Part 3: Additional Bonuses 

Attach SRT, ASS, or SSA subtitles into original video to create the personal movie for watching. If you want add Subtitles(srt, ass, ssa) to your movie for playing on Sharp TV. (Subtitle FAQs)You also can adjust aspect ratio, bit rate, etc. 


Part 4: Convert Files Content to SBS 3D MP4. 

Click “Convert” button, video to SBS 3D MP4 conversion begins. When the process finishes, open the output folder to locate. 



Can always change some parameters of resolution, compression, audio, etc. - See more at: So you can free change target video size, bitrate, frame rate and 3D depth in “Settings”。 

By the way, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate additionally supplies some useful edit functions for you to enhance your video then you can get a better 3D visual entertainment. 

Overall, to play 3D movies on Ant VR through Lenovo K4,you simply slip the band over your eyes, cover your ears with the headphones, and watch or play your content on the retina-quality display. 

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Sony Sony KDL50W800C features Google's Android TV

December 8 2016, 06:56am

It has good picture quality in a dark room, and it doesn't reflect a lot of light. However, it can't get very bright, and the colors are different off-axis. Sony Sony KDL50W800C TV is one of 2015's only 1080p TVs that can play 3D. For those who are considering purchasing a 3D TV (3D TV Buying Guide), Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV is a nice choice. When you have a KDL50W800C 3D TV, you may want to play your collected 3D Blu-ray on it, here just shows you how to rip 3D Blu-ray to Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV supported 3D format. 
I know that we can play 3D Blu-ray on Sony 3D TV with external Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray Player. Here, we just consider ripping 3D Blu-ray to digital version 3D MP4 format then store into USB External hard drive to play 3D movies on Sony 3D TV via USB port. This way not only can prevent our precious Blu-ray disc from scratching, but also gives us the convenience to carry. 

To achieve the goal, your Blu-ray Ripper needs the ability of breaking complex Blu-ray protection and 3D format output. Pavtube BDMagic is a nice choice. It can rip and backup any commercial 3D Blu-ray to Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV with perfect 3D effect in MP4 format. It allows you to change the 3D depth according to your needs. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address:http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http:Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html 
- Soft32 Download: http://pavtube-bdmagic-for-mac.soft32.com/ 
- Top4download: http://pavtube-bdmagic/ajqchjrf.html 
- Softpedia Download: http://www.softpedia.com/Pavtube-BDMagic.shtml 
- OKD Download: http://owlkingdownload.com/Audio-Video&det=362 
- Instaluj Download: http://www.instaluj.cz/pavtube-bdmagic 
- Windows7download: http://www.windows7bdmagic/pkczmcjn.html 
- Softonic Download: https://pavtube-bdmagic.en.softonic.com/ 
- FullprogramDownload: https://wwwpavtube-bdmagic-full-indir.html 
- Eradownload: http://eradownload.com/pavtube-bdmagicfull/ 
- Eurodownload: http://www.eurodownload.com/downlPavtube-BDMagic.html 
- Qpdownload: http://qpdownload.com/pavtube-bdmagic/ 

How to rip 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4 for Sony 3D TV? 

Step 1: Load 3D Blu-ray movie 

Click “File” to load your 3D Blu-ray movie to this program. It will automatically choose the main content to convert. If there are several language subtitles in your 3D Blu-ray movies, you can select the language subtitle you want to show in your movie in “Subtitle”. For example, if you want to keep English subtitle, just select ”English”


Step 2: Select the right format. 

For most 3D devices, like 3D TV, 3D Projector, VR Headsets, they normally can play 3D MP4. Hit the format bar, navigate to “ 3D Video ” > “ MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)” as the target format. This format is also suitable for your Gear VROptoma HD25e 3D Projector


Tip: In “Settings”, you can adjust 3D depth and preview the video size. 

Step 3: Convert 3D Blu-ray to Sony 3D TV 

Set the output folder by hitting “Output”. Then click the red “Convert” to get the process started. 

Now, you can store your ripped 3D Blu-ray movies on USB external drive and watch the 3D Blu-ray movies via it on Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV. If you have many 3D Blu-ray and 2D Blu-ray to make a digital copy, Pavtube BDMagic is no doubt the best choice. And if you buy it now, you can get 50% discount in Pavtube 

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Source: http://2d-3d-movie-tips.blogspot.com/2015/12/rip-3d-blu-ray-to-sony-3d-tv.html 

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Top 3 different Tools to Rip Blu-ray/DVD

December 2 2016, 09:45am

Summary: How to use 3 three different tools to rip Blu-ray/DVD and copy to storage devices to get rid of messing around with physical discs. 

Rip Blu-ray/DVD movies and copy them to storage devices, like External Hard Drive, QNAP NAS, WD My Cloud Storage, USB Flash Drive etc, to watch on Macbook, Surface Pro, Galaxy S7, so you can enjoy them without ever having to get up off your couch to drop a disc in the DVD/Blu-ray player. Also, it allows you to protect your discs from scratching and get rid of messing around with physical discs. So, I will show you three different tools to rip Blu-ray/DVD into a digital video, so that you can store them onto your storage device for watching anywhere and anytime. 

1. Rip Blu-ray/DVD with Handbrake


* The app is fast, can make the most of multi-core processors to speed up the process. 

* It is completely open source and completely free. 

* It’s simple, easy to use, easy to install, and offers a wealth of tweaking options to get the best possible file as a result. 

* It is designed with preset profiles for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android and WP8. 

* It provides numerous video and audio parameter settings for users to alter file size and video quality. 

* It supports to output MP4, MKV, H.264, MPEG and MP3 formats 


* It only converts Blu-ray without copy protection. 

* It can not rip DVD with encrypted-protection methods including CSS. 

* The output files formats are very limited, which can’t meet all people’s needs. 

* It is complicated to set an output device preset and it is hard to understand some options. 

* Batch video conversion, only available on HandBrake 0.9.5 or later, has a complicated process 

Learn more : HandBrake Alternative 

2. Rip Blu-ray/DVD with MakeMKV 


* Reads Blu-ray discs protected with latest versions of AACS and BD+ 

* Preserves all video and audio tracks, including HD audio 

* Preserves all meta-information (track language, audio type) 

*Fast conversion - converts as fast as your drive can read data. 

* No additional software is required for conversion or decryption. 

* Functionality to open DVD discs is free and will always stay free. 


* Program is time-limited -- it will stop functioning after 60 days. You can always download the latest version from makemkv.com that will reset the expiration date. 

* HD-DVD support is limited - some discs may fail to open and not all audio and subtitle tracks will be preserved. 

* It can only output files in MKV format, which is not compatible for most media player and can not meet all users’ needs. 

Learn more : MakeMKV Alternative | MakeMKV vs DVDFab vs ByteCopy 

3. Rip Blu-ray/DVD with Pavtube BDMagic 


* Decrypt Blu-ray/DVD disc with latest copy protections, region code, Disny code, CSS, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs etc 

* More than DVD and Blu-ray disc supported, DVD/Blu-ray folder, DVD ISO/IFO, Blu-ray ISO etc can be easily loaded; more than 200 profiles are listed under the Format menu, including H.264 MP4, MKV, M4V, MOV, AVI, etc. 

* Convert DVD/Blu-ray disc to H.265/HEVC codec to store with high quality in small file size. 

* Frequently update of Format list with adding new devices to assure you to locate the optimized presets for the destination portable devices, media players, game consoles, or video editing software. 

* To get better movie playback on your devices, free to trim a short clip out of original movie, crop black bars from images, insert external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles, add video effects and more. 

* You are allowed to optionally set video and audio parameters to achieve the best video and audio enjoyment during playback. 

* Support NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies. 


It does not support convert other formats to ISO files. 

Learn more: Review: HandBrake VS BDMagic 


1. If your Blu-ray can be played in your Blu-ray player and your DVD is not under encrypted-protection, then HandBrake is a good choice for you to rip Blu-ray and DVD. 

2. If you have no need to rip HD-DVD and just want to rip Blu-ray and DVD to MKV format, then you can choose MakeMKV and Pavtube BDMagic to help you rip Blu-ray and DVD. 

3. If you want a powerful Blu-ray/DVD ripping tool, which can remove all Blu-ray and DVD copy protection and rip all kinds of Blu-ray and DVD to all mainstream devices supported video formats, then Pavtube BDMagic is a wise choice for you. 

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The Powerful tool - Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

December 2 2016, 09:44am


Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Crack is the best BD/DVD/Video solution to backup BD/DVD, compress disc and transcode video clips and audio formats including apple prores, h.265 mkv, etc. This all-in-one converter can be regarded as BD/DVD backup to copy the entire disc content to computer drive and save a complete BD M2TS/DVD VOB movie without extras, or used as a Blu-ray/DVD ripping tool, or a video converter for video conversion for TV playback. 

View full Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Crack screenshot: 


Major Update: 

1.support latest Blu-ray movies. 
2. fix some bugs. 
3. add Apple Prores as output. 
4. support encoding to HEVC MKV. 
5. compatible with Sony/LG/Samsung/Panasonic TVs. 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Crack full details: 

File Size: 34.96 MB 
License: Free To Try 
Price: $65.00 
Released: 2016-03-22 
Downloads: Total: 1205 | This Month: 10 
Publisher: Pavtube Studio 
Publisher URL: http://www.multipelife.com/ 

Homepage: http://www.multipelife.com/video-converter-ultimate 

System Requirements: 

Processor: Intel or AMD Dual core CPU, 1.6 MHz at least 
Operating System: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 
Memory: 512MB or above 
Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or above 
Optical Drive: DVD drive/ BD drive(BD drive is required for ripping Blu-ray disc) 

Features : 

* Allow various file types as source media 

This Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Crack supports multiple file types as source media, including Blu-ray and DVD movies, and a wide range of HD and SD video files, like MTS, M2TS, TOD, MOD, MOV, WMV, MP4, TiVo, FLV, some MXF files, etc that are downloaded online and recorded by camcorders. Plus, the Blu-ray and DVD movies can be imported from not only BD/DVD Disc, but also BD/DVD Folder and BD/DVD ISO image. 

* Add *.srt and *.ass subtitles into video 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate now supports adding *.srt and *.ass subtitle into video and merge them into video part. Note: Once you have merged subtitle text and video into one file, the subtitles would be hard subtitles and become a part of video, in other word, you cannot turn it on or off during playback. 

* 6X faster conversion speed 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate takes full advantage of NVIDIA's CUDA technology and ATI Stream (AMD APP) technology to help users accelerate conversion speed. If your computer is equipped with NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card with AMD APP technology, the GPU acceleration feature in Pavtube software application saves users lots of time when choosing H.264 codec for output video format. 

* Support almost all popular media players/devices 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Crack allows Windows users to back up/rip/convert Blu-ray/DVD/Videos for playback on Android Tablets & Phones (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Google Nexus 7/10), Apple devices (Apple TV/Apple TV 2/Apple TV 3/Apple TV 4, iPhone 5s/6/6s/6s Plus), Windows Tablets (Surface RT), HD Media Players (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, WD TV, Popcorn Hour, PSP) and video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio etc). 

Note: The program also allows you to extract audio from video and save the following in the right format, you can make a video for mobile phones and consoles, implemented batch mode before convert, you can configure all the parameters of the picture, there is a preview, the whole program is good, It has a simple interface, without Russian support. 
Download Link: 

- Pavtube New official address: http://www.multipelife.com/download/video-converter-ultimate/video_converter_ultimate_setup.exe 
- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-75938564.html 
- Softpedia Download: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Encoders-Converter-DIVX-Related/Pavtube-Video-Converter-Ultimate.shtml 
- V5pc Download: http://www.v5pc.com/7668.html 
- Itshareware Download: http://www.itshareware.com/prodview-code_348698--download-pavtube-video-converter-ultimate.htm 
- Top4download Download: http://www.top4download.com/pavtube-video-converter-ultimate/qxxwevxs.html 

Source:http://mediaconverting.blogspot. ... ltimate-retail.html 

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Last 3 Days! Get 78% OFF Pavtube Top 20 Blu-ray/DVD/Video Tools

November 30 2016, 07:10am

BD/DVD/Video Tools Last Three Days!!! Never miss!!! 2016 Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals are here at Pavtube Facebook, you can get any Blu-ray/DVD Rippers and Video Converters with Up to 78% OFF Discount. 

Some of us simply aren't brave enough to face the Black Friday hordes, that doesn't mean stay-at-home shoppers aren't still looking for a bargain Cyber Monday is upon us, and there are deals aplenty. If you skipped this weekend's brick-and-mortar discounts, read on to see Cyber Monday Deals 2016. With so many ads posted all over online and offline, are you tried of waiting in front of stores or browsing the Cyber Mondy ads Now take a look at Pavtube Cyber Monday Specials! 

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Top 19.Pavtube Media Magician for Windows
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----Comparison: ClipWrap vs Pavtube Media Magician 

Top 20.Pavtube DVD Creator for Windows
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Learn more at Pavtube Facebook Cyber Monday and Black Friday DealsLast Three Days!!! Never miss!!!


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Cyber Monday Sale! Get 50% OFF Pavtube BD/DVD Rippers

November 29 2016, 06:19am

After Black Friday crazy shopping, More and more people look forward to Cyber Monday. Are you looking for some software promo about Blu-ray/DVD video converters? Do you regret that you you haven't buy the Pavtube ByteCopy or other Pavtube BD/DVD/Video Tools with 50% OFF discount on Black Friday 2016? Luckily, Pavtube ByteCopy (for Windows or Mac),Video Converter Ultimate (for Windows or Mac), BDMagic (for Windows or Mac), DVDAid (for Windows or Maccrazy 50% off promotion in the continuing. From Nov.25 2016 to Nov 30 2016, Pavtube all products have 50% off discount on the official website and Pavtube Facebook. And you just pay $21, Pavtube ByteCopy (for Windows or Mac) will follow you forever. After this month, the whole Pavtube products will restore the original price, including the $9.9 special offer. 

Part 1. Pavtube ByteCopy Overall Introduction 

Pavtube ByteCopy (for Window or Mac- The Efficient, Safe, Fast, Easy-to-use Blu-ray DVD converter and it can rip/backup/copy/convert blu-ray and DVD movies and convert movies to MKV/MP4/MOV/WMV with multiple audio tracks & subtitles. Besides, Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac support multi-track output for Apple Prores MOV with multi audio tracks for Final Cut Pro (X). Click here to learn more features 

Part 2. Pavtube Other Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converters Black friday Crazy Promotions 

50% OFF at Ultimate Products (Convert DVD/Blu-ray/Video) 

1.?Pavtube Video Converter UltimateBuy now 
2.?Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac: Buy now 

50% OFF at Blu-ray/DVD Products (Rip/Copy DVD/Blu-ray) 

1.?Pavtube BDMagic for WindowsBuy Now
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Only $9.9 - all Video Converters for Windows and Mac 

1. Pavtube Video Converter:Buy Now 
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10. Pavtube iMixMXF:Buy Now 

More Pavtube products hot deals for Cyber Monday 2016 on Facebook: 

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Cyber Monday Crazy Deals - Up to 50% off Blu-ray/DVD Ripper

November 29 2016, 06:18am

Cyber Monday is coming, To start the journey of this happy shopping experience, Pavtube will be offering amazing deals, part of a special campaign to make shopping this festival season more economical, useful and entertaining for its customers. Would you like to get the Best Blu-ray/DVD Ripper for family theater system with 50% OFF discount on Cyber Monday 2016? Hot news! Pavtube BDMagic (for Window or Mac) crazy 50% off promotion still going on from Nov.25 2016 to Nov 30 2016, Pavtube all products have 50% off discount on the official website and Pavtube Facebook


Blu-ray Fans: “Is it true? I can’t wait to try: (Free Download and Buy it)” 

- Top One: Pavtube BDMagic for WindowsBuy Now 
- Top Two: Pavtube BDMagic for MacBuy Now 

Part 1. Pavtube BDMagic for Win/Mac Overall Introduction 

Wow! What does this No.1 Blu-ray Copier can do for you? 

With it, you can play all Blu-rays, DVDs on PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, HD Media Players, etc. In addition, with Pavtube software, you can also backup Blu-ray/DVD collections to various videos and movies to Cloud Storage, NAS Server, E-library Server, Plex Server, External hard drive/Thumb drive, Thunderbolt drive, etc. for playback and store. It's open to any students, parents, teachers as well as all Blu-ray/DVD lovers. Pavtube multimedia software can help them with their studies, or music and movies to keep them entertainment in their free time. 

Section A: It’s Hot for Backup 2016 Best Blu-ray/DVD Movies 

Rip a serie "The Legacy" DVD to MP4 on Mac for watching 
Rip/Copy Furious 7 Blu-ray to AVI on PC/Mac Flawlessly 
Stream Ex Machina Blu-ray on HD TV via Android TV 
Backup “Ex Machina” DVD to 3TB AirPort Time Capsule Wireless Hard Drive 

Section B: It’s Hot for Copy Blu-ray/DVD Movies to Devices 

Rip Blu-ray to m3u8 for iPad/iPhone playback 
Two Methods to Backup/Play Blu-ray Movies in Windows 10 

Section C: It’s Hot for Rip Blu-ray/DVD Movies to Media Players 

Fast Rip and Stream 1080p Blu-ray Collections to Roku 4 
Directly copy Blu-ray to folder put on KDLINKS Media Player 

Section D: It’s Hot for Put Blu-ray/DVD onto NAS Storage 

Backup Blu-ray to FreeNAS Server for storage 
Store Blu-ray/DVD on WD My Cloud Mirror 
Backup DVD Movies on QNAP NAS Via Mac OS Sierra 
Copy Blu-ray to AVI for Seagate Central 3TB drive 
Rip 4K Blu-rays to Himedia Q10 Pro via Synology NAS 

Part 2. Pavtube Other Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converters Cyber Monday Crazy Promotions 

50% OFF at Ultimate Products (Convert DVD/Blu-ray/Video) 

1. Pavtube Video Converter UltimateBuy now 
2. Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac: Buy now 

50% OFF at Blu-ray/DVD Products (Rip/Copy DVD/Blu-ray) 

1. Pavtube DVD AidBuy Windows | Buy Mac 
2. Get 50% OFF ByteCopy for Windows at here (Review
3. Get 50% OFF ByteCopy for Mac at here (Review

Only $9.9 – all Video Converters for Windows and Mac 

1. Pavtube Video Converter: Buy Now 
2. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac: Buy Now 
3. Pavtube HD Video Converter: Buy Now 
4. Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac: Buy Now 
5. Pavtube MXF Converter: Buy Now 
6. Pavtube MXF Converter for mac: Buy Now 
7. Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter: Buy Now 
8. Pavtube MTS/M2TS for mac: Buy Now 
9. Pavtube MXF Multimixer: Buy Now 
10. Pavtube iMixMXF: Buy Now 

More Pavtube products hot deals for Cyber Monday 2016 on Facebook: 


Emphasis: 50% OFF promo will continue to the Cyber Monday 2016 (From Nov.25 to Nov.30) Time-limited! Crazy to buy! 


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Saving 50% OFF on Pavtube ByteCopy on Cyber Monday Deals

November 28 2016, 03:05am

We love the holidays! And holiday shopping at Pavtube Studio doesn’t end when the sun sets on Black Friday! The spirit of giving is alive at Pavtube and we are excited to give our guests great deals over the holiday weekend and through Cyber Monday. 


2016 Pavtube all Products Cyber Monday Crazy Promotions 

1. Ultimate Products - 50% OFF 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate/Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac 

Convert all DVD/Blu-ray/SD/HD/2K/4K video to your desired formats, devices and programs optimized file formats, encode and decode H.265/HEVC codec, output M3U8 for streaming with local HTTP server, create 3D effect movies from both 2D or 3D resources. It is the best BD/DVD/Video solution for users to backup BD/DVD, compress disc and transcode video clip to almost all popular video and audio formats. This Video Converter Ultimate can be regarded as BD/DVD backup workaround to copy the entire disc content from hard disc to computer drive and save a complete BD M2TS/DVD VOB movie without extras; it can also be used as a Blu-ray/DVD ripping tool to compress your Blu-ray and DVD collection to H.265/HEVC, MP4, MKV, M4V, AVI and play on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, game consoles, HD media players, and more. What's more, this all-inclusive program is a HD video converter as well, and you can feely convert TiVo, MXF, MOV, and other HD videos to almost all formats. Besides, it is a professional video editing software to assist users with trimming, cropping, splitting, merging, attaching subtitles...to create your own videos.

- - Buy Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate or Buy Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac 

2. Disc Products - 50% OFF 

A. Pavtube DVDAid/Pavtube DVDAid for Mac 

It Provide the best solution to rip DVD and convert DVD to video and audio in popular file formats for many devices. Along with multiple practical bonus features like video editor, DVDAid is capable of improving your DVD movie experience without location or time limitations. It could backup DVD and convert DVD to various video and audio formats including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc to let you enjoy DVD movies on any mobile device like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Kindle Fire HDX, PS3, PSP, PS4, PS4 Pro, Surface, and more. Surprisingly it adds H.265/HEVC as output video format in order to satisfy users who ask for high video quality.

- - Buy Pavtube DVDAid or Buy Pavtube DVDAid for Mac 

B. Pavtube BDMagic / Pavtube BDMagic for Mac 

With Pavtube BDMagic, now you can convert 2D Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD to SD, High-Definition formats or even create 3D videos with excellent video/audio quality in fast conversion speed. This BD/DVD to video workaround could output various video and audio formats, like H.265/HEVC, MKV, MP4, MOV, DivX, AVI, MP3, FLAC, etc so you can make a duplicate copy for your video collection, or share movies on numbers of popular media players,like Apple media devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows media players, various smartphones and more. Besides, you can easily customize Blu-ray DVD collection to export desired movies in your own patent.


- - Buy Pavtube BDMagic or Buy Pavtube BDMagic for Mac 

C. Pavtube ByteCopy / Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac 

It is your best Blu-ray/DVD backup and conversion friend able to output lossless MKV and multi-track MP4/MOV. Various audio/video output formats are also supported so that you’re able to watch videos effortlessly on different devices. In recent update, ByteCopy can support ripping Blu-ray/DVD movie to H.265/HEVC MP4 with better video quality compared to H.264 MP4 in same profile presets. At the meantime, this multi-track Blu-ray/DVD converter can be considered as a user-friendly movie editing tool with the professional functions to trim, crop, merge, insert subtitles, export srt/ass/ssa subtitles, add video effects in the destination movie.

- - Buy Pavtube ByteCopy or Buy Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac 

3. Video Products - Only $9.9, Amazing!!! 

1. Pavtube Video Converter - Buy Now 

2. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac - Buy Now 

3. Pavtube HD Video Converter - Buy Now 

4. Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac - Buy Now 

5. Pavtube MXF Converter - Buy Now 

6. Pavtube MXF Converter for mac - Buy Now 

7. Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter - Buy Now 

8. Pavtube MTS/M2TS for mac - Buy Now 

9. Pavtube MXF Multimixer - Buy Now 

10. Pavtube iMixMXF - Buy Now 

Conclusion: What are you waiting for? Start shopping and start saving today! Remember you can only get these products with lowest price from this site and our Pavtube facbook promotion sites. Pavtube wishes you a nice Cyber Monday! 

Source: http://i-freepedia.com/pavtube-cyber-monday-promotion/

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2016 Cyber Monday & Black Friday 50% Off Blu-ray Ripper Promotion

November 24 2016, 08:39am

Pavtube Rolls out Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales with 50% OFF 

It’s shopping time of year again. Looking for something special during this big discounts season? Black Friday & Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shop days when people can find out the best deals to reserve for upcoming New Year. To satisfy customers who are gearing up for the best multimedia software deals for 2016 Thanksgiving season, Pavtube today brings forward its super Black Friday offer - buy the company’s top-rated Blu-ray/DVD Ripper & Backup Software Pack for only $24.5 from Nov.23 2016 to Nov 30 2016. 


Deals Summary on Facebook: 


50% off Blu-ray/DVD Ripper and Media Conversion Package Tools 
Only $9.9 for All Video Conversion Tools 

Section A - What can Pavtube BDMagic for Windows do for you? 

Pavtube BDMagic enables you to personalize Blu-ray/DVD movies before converting to get more enjoyment, including: file merging, media editing, 3D movie creating, parameter adjusting, etc. You could make movie with your own patent easily. Besides, you can convert 2D Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD to SD, High-Definition formats or even create 3D videos with excellent video/audio quality in fast conversion speed. Just share your Blu-ray collections on numbers of popular media playersincluding TV

Main functions of Black Friday Blu-ray/DVD Ripper/Copier Software : 

* This Blu-ray Ripper could rip Blu-rays and DVDs released by all movie studios like 21st Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, MGM, Paramount Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures, United Artists, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal Pictures, etc to popular audio and video formats for you to enjoy the movie on PC and wide screen TV. Learn >> Blu-ray Solutions

* Support output to PS4, Xbox One S, Apple TV 4, WD TV player, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPhone 7, iPod touch 6, Galaxy Tab S2, Nexus 9, etc. 

* The additional Full Disk Copy facility enables you to backup the whole contents from Blu-ray disc and DVD with original HD quality and directly copy format allows saving 100% intact M2TS/VOB main movie from Blu-ray/DVD Disc. 

* More than 200 formats listed to ensure you can get the desired video and audio types, like m3u8, Prores, H.265 MP4, H.265 MKV, MKVAVIMP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MOV, RMVB, FLAC, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, M4A, etc. 

* Rip latest 2D/3D Blu-ray and DVD to 3D videos with ultrafast speed for true theater entertainment at home. 

Ready Free Try or Buy Pavtube BDMagic for Windows? 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html 

Read More Guides and Tips From Pavtube BDMagic for Windows: 

Blu-ray to USB Type-C | Compress 50GB Blu-ray to 25GB | Directly Copy 3D Blu-ray to Plex | Blu-ray to Final Cut Pro 

Section B - You may also interested in other DVD/Video Tool 50% Sales

 Blu-ray/DVD/Video Tools 

Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac 

Original Price: $42 Now: $21 


Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac 

Original Price: $35 Now: $17.5 


Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac 

Original Price: $65 Now:$32.5 


http://www.multipelife.com/pavtube-black-friday-crazy-promotion.html#2]Other Video Converters Black Friday Promotions - only $9.9 

Section C - Pavtube 2016 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion Software Bundles 

BDMagic+ DVD Creator 

Original Price: $84 Now: $49.9 

Buy Now for Windows | Buy Now for Mac 

BDMagic + ChewTune 

Original Price: $78 Now: $49.9 

Buy Now for Windows | Buy Now for Mac 

Hope you be a No.1 shopper! 


Note: For more detailed information, please join our Facebook Community to get the best Pavtube software deals for 2016 Black Friday. 


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